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Benefit from a proven safe, natural and science backed method to symptom relief and increased potential.

This groundbreaking approach is changing the narrative of autism, offering hope and tangible results.


As a parent or clinician addressing a disorder such as autism or ADHD, it’s important to understand the connections between what goes into the body and how it functions.

Conditions like ADHD and autism are whole body disorders, where the body affects the brain. Therefore, you can affect the existence or severity of varied symptoms by giving strategic attention to diet and nutriton.

This book teaches you what to be aware of, what to avoid, what to add, and even has delicious recipes that heal rather than hurt. It’s a about using scientific research, practical knowledge, and individualized insight to apply the most supportive food and nutrition plan for each child.

You will learn WHY and HOW diet helps, and exactly WHAT you can to do right now. You’ll be able to get started and succeed with nourishing hope for you child, or those you support in your healthcare practice. 



  • 1: What the Science Says
  • 2: Diets and Nutrition That Help
  • 3: What if You Have a Picky Eater?
  • 4: How to Begin & Succeed at a Special Diet
  • 5: Kid-friendly Recipes

Why diet nutrition helps (backed by 70+ scientific studies)


How the body affects the brain, and what you can do right now


Practical support and strategies for picky eaters


Meal planning for gluten-free/dairy-free and grain-free diets


Favorite kid-friendly (diet-compliant) recipes

Many parents report seeing noticeable improvements in their child’s behavior, focus, and overall well-being within just a few weeks of implementing the strategies outlined in this book.

Chapter ONE

“What the Science Says”

Learn the scientific rationale for making improved food and nutrition choices. Know about the underlying biochemistry common in childhood disorders. Read about the “gold standard” research author Julie Matthews has published in the peer-review journal Nutrients. 


  • Neurological Conditions are whole-body Disorders
  • Gut-Brain Connection – How the Body Affects the Brain
  • Affects of Gluten & Casein and Opiates
  • 5 Top Areas Where Food Matters
  • Genuine Possibility & Potential

“Knowing that science is on your side will help you be most effective at nourishing hope for your child.”

Julie Matthews

Chapter TWO

“Diets and Nutrition that Help”

Presents the most effective healing diets and provides an easy-to-understand model of what a nourishing diet can look like for the whole family.


  • Practice ONE: Avoid Offending Foods and Choosing a Special Diet 
  • Healing Diet and their Benefits
  • Practice TWO – Add Good Nutrition
  • Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid and Princples [nutrient-rich/easy to digest]
  • Biochemical Individuality BioIndividual Nutrition

“When conditions like autism are perceived as “whole body disorders,” it becomes apparent that improving the health of body, brain, and systemic functioning is likely to affect improvements in mental health, learning, and behavior.”

Julie Matthews

Chapter THREE

“What if You Have a Picky Eater?”

Reveals the hidden biochemical factors that can affect pickiness and gives practical suggestions for expanding diet and providing adequate nutrition – based on decades of experience with finiky eaters around the world.


  • What if You have a Picky Eater?
  • You Can Do It – Here’s how
  • Factors Affecting Picky Eating
  • Building a Support Team
  • How to Make Nutritious Foods Enjoyable

“From a biochemical perspective, there are some solid reasons why children may become so one-sided in their food choices: Investigating these biochemical factors is vital to your overall success at nourishing hope – the body-brain connection is proven science.

Julie Matthews

Chapter FOUR

“How to Begin and Succeed at a Special Diet”

Equip yourself with the knowledge to implement and sustain a special diet. From starting steps to maintaining momentum, this chapter is your guide to making dietary changes that last.


  • Steps for Successful Diet Implementation
  • Diet Details and Meal Planning
  • GFCF Meal Ideas Breakfast Lunch/Dinner/Snacks
  • GRAIN-FREE DIETS: Specific Carbohydrate Diet/ GAPS Diet or Paleo
  • Grain-Free Meal Ideas: Breakfast/Lunch/DinnerGrain-Free Snacks

“Many parents begin with the GFCF diet – it’s easiest – and children on the autism spectrum are often sensitive to gluten and casein, the proteins found in wheat and milk. These food intolerances are known to impact body and brain function.”

Julie Matthews

Chapter FIVE

Kid-friendly Recipes

Easy to prepare ideas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with kid-approved favorites that support body and brain. 

Recipes Including:

This is more than just a book; it’s a new perspective on ADHD and autism. It’s about understanding these conditions not just as neurological disorders but as whole-body challenges that can be significantly influenced by diet and nutrition. It’s about empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to make a real difference in your child’s life.



Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and published nutrition researcher specializing in complex neurological conditions, particularly ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. She holds a masters degree in medical nutrition, is the author of the award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and co-author of a study proving the efficacy of nutrition and dietary intervention for autism published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients. Julie’s approach is based on the BioIndividual Nutrition® needs of each person and stems from her 20 years of work with ADHD and autism.

Using autism as a model for complex chronic disease, her approach and methodology help parents and practitioners specializing in varied disorders improve the health and healing of their children and clients. Julie has a private nutrition practice in San Francisco, California, and supports families and clinicians from around the world with her nutrition learning tools and professional training courses.

Revolutionize Your Child’s ADHD and Autism with the Power of Nutrition

In a world where quick fixes and prescription medications dominate the conversation around ADHD and autism, a groundbreaking approach is making waves, offering hope and tangible results where many have found only frustration. 

This isn’t just another treatment; it’s a revolution in understanding and action, led by one of the most trusted names in nutritional therapy for neurological conditions.

If you’re the parent of a child struggling with ADHD or autism, you know the pain. The sleepless nights wondering if there’s a better way, the days filled with worry over your child’s future, and the endless search for solutions that seem just out of reach.

But Why Listen to Me?

I’m Julie Matthews, and I’m here to tell you that there is hope, a path forward that has helped countless children live happier, healthier lives. This path is not through more medications but through the power of nutrition.

The journey to this discovery was not easy. It came from years of dedicated research, clinical practice, and, most importantly, real-life application with families just like yours. 

The cost was significant, not just in financial terms but in the countless hours spent in pursuit of a solution that could truly make a difference. But seeing the transformation in the lives of children with ADHD and autism? That made it all worthwhile.

What makes me truly unique is my whole-body approach getting to the root causes behind symptoms. I pinpoint the nutrient deficiencies, intolerances, gut issues and metabolic dysfunction unique to each child. Then I create fully customized nutritional protocols targeting those imbalances for foundational, lasting change. 

The proof is in the remarkable improvements families see as kids gain focus, happiness, resilience and developmental strides. My personal experience using this method with clients around the world fuels my passion to empower all parents.

I can testify to the power of food as medicine. My two decades of expertise produced award-winning books and research published in prestigious medical journals. But my real joy comes from guiding families to nourish their child’s greatest potential. I’ve been in those worried shoes, which is why I made it my life’s purpose to provide real hope and tangible healing. My fully customized approach works because it addresses the whole child through nutrition.

This book, “Use Food And Nutrition To Improve ADHD and Autism,” is the distillation of what I’ve learned. It’s a guide that cuts through the complexity of nutritional science to provide you with simple, actionable strategies that can transform your child’s life. It’s written for parents and professionals, with clarity and compassion, understanding the challenges you face and offering a way forward.

Many parents report seeing noticeable improvements in their child’s behavior, focus, and overall well-being within just a few weeks of implementing the strategies outlined in this book. Imagine the relief of seeing your child happier, more engaged, and thriving in ways you once thought were out of reach.

But this is more than just a book; it’s a new perspective on ADHD and autism. It’s about understanding these conditions not just as neurological disorders but as whole-body challenges that can be significantly influenced by diet and nutrition. It’s about empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to make a real difference in your child’s life.

As a leading nutritionist specializing in ADHD and autism, my work has been recognized and celebrated by experts and parents alike. This book is the culmination of over a decade of research, clinical practice, and firsthand experience with families navigating these challenges. It’s not just my professional expertise but my personal commitment to helping children like yours that drives this work.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Discover the hidden link between the gut and your child’s brain health — revealing how a balanced diet can significantly reduce ADHD and autism symptoms. This approach also naturally enhances your child’s mood and cognitive functions, fostering a stronger immune system too.
  • Uncover the truth about gluten and casein in your child’s diet — learn why these common proteins might be harming rather than helping. By gently removing them, witness a remarkable improvement in behavior and focus, plus get easy-to-follow, delicious alternatives that your child will love.
  • Navigate the challenge of picky eating with proven strategies — transform mealtime battles into opportunities for nutritional growth and bonding. Doing so not only improves your child’s diet but also changes their relationship with food for the better, paving the way for lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Empower yourself with the knowledge of nutrient deficiencies that are silently affecting your child’s well-being. By identifying and addressing these, watch as your child gains energy, clarity, and resilience. As a bonus, these adjustments benefit the whole family’s health.
  • Break free from the cycle of yeast overgrowth and its effects — understand how this common issue can exacerbate ADHD and autism symptoms. By tackling it head-on, see a decrease in irritability and skin issues, alongside an increase in overall vitality.
  • Detoxify your child’s environment and diet from harmful substances — learn the simple yet effective ways to reduce toxin exposure. Doing so not only enhances your child’s neurological health but also improves their sleep and behavior, making each day a little brighter.
  • Master the art of methylation and sulfation in your child’s body — these complex processes affect everything from detoxification to brain health. By optimizing them, witness a leap in your child’s developmental progress, plus unlock the door to a more balanced and happy life.
  • Step confidently into the world of special diets with a clear roadmap — whether it’s gluten-free, casein-free, or beyond. Discover how the right diet can turn the tide on ADHD and autism, and along the way, find joy in cooking and sharing meals that heal.
  • Elevate your child’s nutrition with the Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid — a revolutionary approach that goes beyond the basics. By integrating this into your daily routine, not only does your child’s health improve, but you also instill powerful eating habits that last a lifetime.
  • Tackle food allergies and sensitivities head-on — with a step-by-step guide to identifying and eliminating problematic foods. Experience a significant reduction in symptoms and a newfound sense of well-being in your child. It’s easier than you think to maintain this new lifestyle.

For just $20, this transformative knowledge can be yours. This is not just an investment in a book; it’s an investment in your child’s future, in a life filled with potential, happiness, and health. 

The opportunity to change your child’s life is right in front of you, but it won’t be there forever. I’m so confident in the power of this book to transform your child’s life that I’m offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Don’t let another day go by watching your child struggle. Take action now, and start your journey to a brighter future for your child. Remember, every moment is an opportunity for change, for growth, and for healing. Your child’s potential is limitless, and with “Use Food And Nutrition To Improve ADHD and Autism,” you have the key to unlocking that potential.

Begin this transformative journey today. Your child’s future is waiting.


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